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The lenders have screwed the market up so bad that the whole industry is changing, including the inspection industry.  Due to the unusual economic times, I have been forced to offer "Level 1" and "Level 2" Home Inspections. 
 A Level 1 inspection is a basic no frills inspection that is typical of the inspection that is being performed in my area today.  Some inspectors indicate they can perform two or even three of these inspections each day.   I cannot.  The physical and mental demands of doing this every day is overwhelming.  I offer a competitive Level 1 inspection that just meets the standards of practice , include a few pictures and a 15-minute curbside or phone consultation.

 Level 2 Inspections include everything in a level 1 inspection plus a little more.  In the old days, there was a need for high quality Level 2 inspections that provided the customer with the information necessary to make an informed purchase decision, which included the advice of the inspector.  These Level 2 reports included pictures and information that in my opinion would be the information that a serious buyer needs to know.  Fully 40% -50% of my work came either from referral or repeat customers.  25% or so came from the internet and the yellow pages, and the remaining 25% came from a handful of loyal Real Estate Agents who provided their clients with an increased level of customer service.  It takes me a full day to perform a Level 2 inspection; 4-5 hours for the inspection, 1 to 1.5 hours for the walk through and the rest for driving time and paperwork.  This level of inspection is a lot of work for the inspector.  If you are making an important investment then I recommend that you spend the extra few bucks and get a Level 2 inspection.

 Level 3 Inspections are pre-litigation inspections.  Call for pricing.

                                                                                          Level 1                           Level 2

UP TO 1000 SQ FT                                                           $250.00                           $325.00

UP TO 3000 SQ FT                                                           $275.00                           $375.00

UP TO 3500 SQ FT                                                           $350.00                           $450.00

UP TO 4000 SQ FT                                                           $400.00                           $550.00


CRAWL SPACE                                                                 $  50.00                           $  50.00

POOL INSPECTION                                                          $  75.00                            $  75.00                                          
(When included with home inspection)                                                         

BASEMENTS                                                                    $  50.00                            $  50.00

HOUSES OLDER THAN 1980 ADD                                   $  50.00                            $  50.00

PAYMENT THROUGH ESCROW                                      $  75.00                            $  75.00



 203(K) Fees:  All fees are set according to the FHA fee schedule.

FHA 203(k) Rehabilitation Loan Fees - Straight out of HUD's "
Rehab a Home w/HUD's 203(k).  If you are serious about using this loan product you must read this HUD paper and my article that describes the program.  

These fees apply to both the streamlined 203(k) loan program and the standard 203(k) program.  The client has the option on the streamlined 203(k) program to use a consultant to help prepare the work writeup documents.  The client must use a consultant for the standard 203(k) program.  Keep in mind that just because the construction costs are below $35,000 it does not automatically qualify for a streamlined loan.  The rehabilitation must meet some strict guidelines.  All these fees including the home inspection can be financed into the loan so they do not have to come out of your pocket before the loan is recorded.

The home inspection fee is usually around $375.00.  The home inspection fee can be financed into the rehabilitation loan just like the consultant fees.  The home inspection is the basis on which the work writeup is based.  It is important that the consultant perform the home inspection.  The typical home inspection does not provide the necessary information to allow the consultant to prepare the work writeup, so the home inspection may have to redone.  Don't let this happen to you!

Feasibility Study/Plan Review Fee

    Fee                           Construction Costs 
 $400.00               $5,000.00         To       $7,500.00, 
 $500.00               $7,501.00         To       $15,000.00 
 $600.00               $15,001.00       To       $30,000.00 
 $700.00               $30,001.00       To       $50,000.00 
 $800.00               $50,001.00       To       $75,000.00 
 $900.00               $75,001.00       To       $100,000.00     
 $100,000.00 and over consult your lender
There are a few other fees that are part of this program that you should know about. 



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